Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I need to supply?

Water and a dedicated (Nothing else can be plugged into it) 20 amp power supply.  Alcohol if you are having it in your drinks.  (We recommend keeping alcohol on the side for guests of legal age to enjoy if they so wish.  By leaving it on the side, it keeps the machine beverages non-alcoholic for ALL your guests young and old to enjoy!)

2. What is the difference between the Single and Double Frozen Drink Machines?

Each double bowl machine can dispense 2 different slush mixes.  Each side holds 3 gallons of slush mix when frozen. It can be re-filled.

3. Do I need ice?

No.  These machines creates the slush on their own.  The double bowl takes about 30-60 minutes to freeze down (pending ambient temperature)

4. Can I use my own mix in the machine?

No.  All of our mixes are specially formulated to not allow the liquid to freeze solid.  Using your own mix can damage the machine

5. Can I add alcohol directly to the mix?

Yes.  However adding alcohol directly to the mix will increase the time that the machine takes to turn the liquid into slush.  If you do add alcohol directly to the mix, make sure that the alcohol is put into the freezer at least a couple of hours before adding it into the machine (Don’t worry Alcohol wont freeze).  What we suggest is to put the alcohol into your cup, then fill your cup with the slush mix

6. Can the machines be used outside?

Yes, however, the machine must be kept in the shade or used indoors in the extremely hot temperatures.  Machines need to be protected/sheltered from rain.

7. How many drinks can I expect to get out of the machine?

Machine holds two flavors.  Each flavor compartment can hold 3 gallons of mix.  You can expect to get a total of approximately 70-85 – 9oz drinks from a full double bowl machine (That’s approximately 40 per side).   Of course, we can always leave extra mix for you if you would like…just let us know when you order!